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CERN HLC Confirms the FORCE: Plane Crash and Avalanche Happens Near By VIDEO

Ever since the Cern HLC was started up last wee, strange tragedies have been happening close by.

The Cern large hadron colider (HLC) was started up once again for research on dark matter and other strange forces, just about 2 days before the Germanwings plane crash that happened near by in the french Alps.

Despite the media coverage of the co-pilot, it is odd that this plane would go down so close to the Cern HLC, and only after it was started up. Then just hours after the tragic plane crash, scientists reportedly shut down the HLC siting a malfunction with the machine.

Recently the HC has been corrected and started up again and now an avalanche claims the lives of 7 people on the French Alps very close by the Cern HLC.

Then researchers at Cern announced today the discovered or confirmed the Force.

Check out the video below:

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