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Mass Shooting in San Bernardino California Could be Radical Islamic Terrorism

A mass shooting has happened in San Bernadino California. Suspects dead and captured. Authorities are claiming this could possibly be linked to terrorism from abroad.

UPDATE: 7:35PM PST-Official reports from authorities are saying that one of the suspects names is “Syed Farook ” and he is an American Citizen. A Fox News reporter had said that this name was said over police radio as a suspect in this recent shooting. Police are now saying that one suspect is a female who is deceased at the latest shoot out scene with police.

San Bernardino Ca-Reports from Fox News stating that 20 people have been shot or injured, and this is still an active situation. Local Authorities are reporting multiple fatalities and police are looking for 1-3 suspects. Preliminary reports of about 14 people killed, by eyewitness account.

This is happening at or near an adult center for disabled and elderly persons in a medical center complex. A suspicious device has also been found in the area.

California SWAT team is now on scene and addressing the situation. FBI has stated that they believe that the gunmen escaped roughly 2 hours after the incident started, and the suspects are at large. An unofficial BOLO has been issued warning of 1-3 gunmen wearing tactical gear and driving a black SUV.

Local KTLA station reporting that a black Yukon SUV has been found abandoned nearby.

San Bernardino Police confirming that there are multiple shooters. FBI, SWAT, ATF are on the scene as well.

Reports first surfaced around 2:15 p.m. ET of a shooting in San Bernardino, California.

San Bernardino Fire department says this is happening on E Waterman Rd. Reports of hostages being taken inside one building for a period of time from Fox News. Witnesses inside the building say they were having a Christmas work party when a gunman entered the conference room and began shooting. People are now being taken to the hospital.

Police are locking down the area and are still engaged. Unconfirmed reports of the gunmen are wearing body armor and masks with riffles. Police are looking for a black SUV that fled the scene shortly after the shooting started, confirmed by eyewitness.

Confirmed from San Bernardino authorities of 3 active shooters wearing body armor and masks armed with riffles. None are in custody at this time.

First responders are being asked to clear the area, as a suspicious device has been found at the scene, and authorities are taking special precaution. The bomb squad has been called in to detonate the suspicious device before police and SWAT can move in. Since then, around 1PM PST authorities have detonated the bomb. No more information at this time about the possible bomb.

This comes just 5 days after a gunman shot and killed 3 people inside and around a Planned Parenthood in Colorado. Authorities say this shooting in California has no apparent ties to Planned Parenthood despite that a Planned Parenthood Clinic is near by. President Obama has been briefed about this latest mass shooting.

This story is still developing, and more is to follow.

UPDATE: 3:15PM PST-Authorities have stopped a black SUV; shots fired and one suspect was chased on foot and has barracaded himself inside a home or church only 1/3 of a mile from where the original shooting took place; that suspect is now in police custody. One other suspect was killed in the shoot out happening on a street in San Bernardino where one police office was shot but is in stable condition, and the third is injured in custody or deceased as well. Reports are preliminary and the investigation is ongoing.

Live Feed from Fox News Los Angeles

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