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Tides Expose Newly Discovered Petroglyphs on Hawaii Beach

Archeologists have discovered a new set of petroglyphs along a tourist beach in Hawaii.

The history of Hawaii begins sometime between 124 and 800, with more radical theories placing the earliest Polynesian settlers to the 10th century. Around 1200,Tahitian explorers found and began settling the area as well. This became the rise of the Hawaiian civilization and would be separated from the rest of the world for another 500 years until the arrival of the British.

Dating of the first settlements of the Hawaiian Islands are a topic of much debate. Archaeology seems to indicate a settlement as early as 124. Patrick Vinton Kirch’s books on Hawaiian archeology, standard textbooks, date the first Polynesian settlements to about 300, with more recent suggestions by Kirch as late as 600. Other theories suggest dates as late as 700 to 800. More radical theories have been advanced from high-precision radiocarbon dating that drastically alter the timeline. These theories place the first settlements of Hawaii after 1120.

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