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2 Headed Mutant Sharks on the Rise Worldwide VIDEO

A recent study has revealed that 2 headed mutant sharks are on the rise worldwide leaving scientists baffled as to why.

Some suggest that this spike in abnormalities in shark embryos is due to over fishing, shrinking the gene pool for sharks to find suitable mates.

The trend started in 2008, when a fisherman caught one off the coast of Australia.

A study recently published in Journal of Fish Biology was made with interesting findings. The study was conducted on sharks born in a controlled environment and their findings were astonishing when looking at the eggs.

An egg case or egg capsule, colloquially known as a mermaid’s purse or devil’s purse, is a casing that surrounds the fertilized eggs of some sharks, skates, and chimaeras. They are made of collagen protein strands.

Because they are lightweight, they are commonly washed up by the sea, often found at the strandline, the farthest point of the high tide. The egg cases that wash up on beaches are usually empty, the young fish having already hatched out. Furthermore, egg cases are often found in commercial fishing gears like nets and pots, and on the sea floor during surveys using an ROV.

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