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Time Capsule ‘Mystery Contents’ Found in Golden Lion Statue

The mystery of the time capsule inside the head of a golden lion statue on Boston’s Old State House will linger for a little while longer.

With a host of reporters handy and the rapid rat-a-tat of camera shutters, the Bostonian Society Thursday morning opened the capsule that had been sealed and hidden in the statue for more than 100 years, reports the Boston Globe.
A bright, red hardback book surrounded by paper was revealed. But to the disappointment of the assembled onlookers, that’s all they got to see. The society said it would not immediately unpack the contents of the capsule.

“It’s in remarkably good condition,” said the Bostonian Society’s archivist, Elizabeth Roscio. “It’s much cleaner than I was expecting.”

Roscio said the contents were too tightly packed to be removed on the spot, and said she will begin the process of removing and preserving the materials Tuesday. She hopes to be finished by the end of next week.





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