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Toshiba’s Creepy ‘Geshia-Like’ Android

Like a Geisha, the robotic hostess named ChihiraAico is designed to make conversation, sing and could one day play classical music or look after people.

The Japanese firm told Mashable that its aim is to create ‘real heart-warming communication with human-like facial expression’ with its realistic, conservatively dressed android.

Toshiba claims its creation has the most realistic facial expressions of any android.

‘Her’ unnervingly smooth and silent body movements are created using 43 pneumatic actuators including 24 in its shoulders, arms and hands and 15 in the face.

This technology is needed to reflect the robot’s emotions, as it can reportedly be happy, irritated or sad – and even cry.

ChihiraAico is the latest member of Toshiba’s ‘human smart community’ – a group of robots designed to lead to smarter living.

In the future, the company envisions that such robots could look after the elderly, work as nurses or waitresses, meaning that they could one day put humans out of a job.

ChihiraAico is not the only android that could replace humans.

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