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Burger King to Introduce New Red Aka Samurai Burgers

Once again Burger King in Japan is set to release its newest, brightest, and possibly weirdest burger this summer, the red Aka Samurai Burger.

Burger King Japanese customers will be able to enjoy Aka Samurai burgers. (Aka means red in Japanese). The crimson buns and red cheese both get their hue from tomato powder—which may be easier for Western palates to swallow than squid ink black Kuro Burgers released last year.

Poultry lovers can enjoy the Aka Samurai Chicken, a fried chicken patty with lettuce and tomato, while the Aka Samurai Beef features a Whopper patty and grilled onion.

The new red burgers are smothered in “Angry Sauce,” a spicy miso condiment with Sichuan fermented bean paste and topped with the signature aka cheese.

The new burgers retail between 540 and 690 yen (about $4.30 to $5.70) and will be making their debut July 3.

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