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Three Million Strong Conference in Israel VIDEO

On February 18, prospective 2016 Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee will join the “Three Million Strong” celebration in Jerusalem and officially become the three-millionth member of the world’s largest grassroots pro-Israel community.

United with Israel has received endorsements from the office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as well as the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Public Diplomacy. This includes a message from the Prime Minister’s Office praising UWI for “improving the State of Israel’s image around the world.”(Scroll Down for Video)

United with Israel is a global, grassroots movement comprised of individuals who are deeply committed to the success and prosperity of Israel. Using social media and the latest web technology, UWI has built a massive network of pro-Israel activists in order to promote unity with the People, Country and Land of Israel.

Hand sculpted roses, candlesticks and menorahs crafted from actual Kassam Rockets that landed in Israel, symbolize the perseverance of the people of Israel. Living symbols of Israel’s endurance in the face of Hamas and Islamic terror. Yaron Bob, an Israeli artist, who understands what it means to live in the shadow of terror, has found his way of transforming objects of war into expressions of peace. He creates metal art sculptures that blossom with hope: A magnificent rose with a mission.


Founder Michael Gerbitz remarked, “It is truly amazing that at a time when governments around the world are united in their condemnation of the State of Israel, we’ve been able to connect with millions of people – many in some of the most anti-Semitic countries – who are proud to stand united with Israel”.

He explained that the “exponential impact of social-media powered outreach is dramatic when our community of three million supporters gives us access to half a billion people. This is exactly what’s needed to win Israel’s battle of public opinion throughout the world.”

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