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Netanyahu Speaks at Congress Warning about Iran

Tuesday morning Israeli PM Netanyahu spoke in front of US Congress about the threat Iran poses not only to Israel but to the entire Western world.

In his 40 minute speech Bibi outlines the immediate threats that Iran poses over the US-Iran Nuke deal currently under way. (See Video Below)

The Israeli PM spoke as part of a high-profile push to make his case against the pending deal.¬†He said the agreement in the works makes two major concessions. First, it would leave in place a “vast nuclear infrastructure,” since it wouldn‚Äôt require nuclear facilities to be destroyed — some centrifuges would be allowed to keep running, while others would merely be disconnected, he said.

PM Netanyahu directly criticized the Nuke Deal by saying,

“This is a bad deal. It‚Äôs a very bad deal. We‚Äôre better off without it.”


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