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Inmate Writes Letter about Jodi Arias in Arizona Prison

Shawna Forde, an inmate at Arizona’s Perryville prison on death row writes about what Jodi’s first few days on 30 yard are like for her.

Apparently Jodi Arias was moved into a solitary cell next door to Forde and they could communicate through a vent.

Forde writes about how Jodi was concerned about how her closing statement at her last penalty phase was perceived.

Forde writes that she was honest with Jodi and told her that her comments came across as insensitive and reveals her diabolical side also alleging that she was lying about remembering details of the brutal murder of Travis Alexander on June 4, 2008.

Forde explains how Jodi just looks like any other inmate at Perryville and has the demeanor of a “confident librarian”.

(Jodi Arias left, at Estrella Jail before being moved to Perryville Prison. Shawna Forde right, inmate on Death Row at Perryville.)
She also states that Jodi Arias is in solitary confinement and has no access to the outside world at all, including phone calls and letters.

Forde writes that Arias is only allowed one book, one jumpsuit, two t-shirts, one sheet, one wool blanket and one towel.

She also writes that she is observing Jodi Arias in silence and will write more details about her in another letter.

A few days ago, it was reported that Arias was moved to a different cell based on “intelligence” gathering from the DOC.



Shawna Forde sent the letters to a person that is running her Facebook page and the letters were posted there.

Forde is currently on Death Row for her involvement in a home invasion that resulted in the deaths of a man and his 9 years old daughter. Jodi Arias is serving natural life in prison without parole for the brutal slaying of her on and off again boyfriend Travis Alexander in 2008. Both are currently housed in Arizona’s Perryville prison Lumley unit.

Read the letter from Shawna Forde Below:



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