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China is at Virtual War with the United States

The growing concern of increasing cyber threats and security breeches at the hands of China targeting the US has many officials and experts very concerned.

“It’s very serious indeed,” geopolitical expert Ian Bremmer, the founder of Eurasia Group, told Business Insider.

“China’s offensive cyber capabilities have consistently surprised the United States in terms of breadth and sophistication of attacks.

“The latest attacks revealed yesterday show millions of existing and former US government employees with their private data now in the hands of the Chinese state.”

The Obama administration has refrained from making any official statements about China’s role in the attack on the Office of Personnel Management, since it is still so difficult to trace a data breach back to its original source.

The most recent attack thought to be from China, has stolen over 4 million federal employees data from the US.

Many officials are saying that the US needs a complete overhaul of security measures in the cyber world to fend off and prevent future attacks.

Some are speculating that World War III could be sparked on the cyber front with many worried about the nations power grid and satellites in orbit may be the next target.


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