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Ancient Legends of the Reptilian Alien Gods: India

Several ancient peoples all over the world have described reptilian beings.

There are historical accounts about reptiloids devouring human children, and also tales of Serpents of Wisdom enlightening Humankind.

In India, extensive histories exist regarding the Naga, a Reptilian race said to live underground and interact with the kings and others on the surface.

Through description and ancient sanscrit, some historians think the Naga may have been the same beings or gods that the Aztecs and Mayans worshiped like Quazacoatl.Due to the stories similarities and descriptions.

These beings were said to have once lived on a continent in the Pacific Ocean which sank beneath the waves that was a technologogical advanced society.

Some historians belive this sunken continent was Lemuria and closely connected to Atlantis.

The inhabitants of Lemuria and Atlantis dwelt in subterranean habitats generally under some kind of pyramidal structure if not actually under a pyramid.

The subterranean crypts of Thebes on the western side of the Nile extended towards the Libyan desert and were known as the serpents catacombs, Votan, the Mexican Serpent god, describes a subterranean passage which ran underground and terminated at the root of the heavens.

In India, nagas are considered nature spirits and the protectors of springs, wells and rivers. They bring rain, and thus fertility, but are also thought to bring disasters such as floods and drought.

Nagas are snakes like creatures that may take human form called shapshifters. They tend to be very curious according to hindu legends.

According to traditions nagas are only malevolent to humans when they have been mistreated. They are susceptible to mankind’s disrespectful actions in relation to the environment.

This is a recurring story throughout the world.

Indian histories also refer to a Reptilian race called the “Sarpa” who founded civilisation, creating the Dravidians a race of people in southern India, being the source of the Hindu caste system (based upon a Draconian caste hierarchy, apparently), and demanded human sacrifice.

Some theorists believe the mesoamerican tribes are decendants of Sarpas. Their race is mentioned as Sarpas in mahabharata, who were saved by a sage named Astika during a slaughter done on their race.

One such hindu legend explains that an important figure names Bali gave up all he owned and sailed to South America where he deeloped a settlement.

His followers stayed there and as the population increased they established more and more colonies such as Sutala, Atala, and Talatala.
Ancient Sanscrit texts also refer to spacecraft and aircraft called Vimana, which may have been an ancient advanced technology that the serpent gods possessed.

Nuclear debris has been found in regions said to be destroyed by ‘the gods‚Äô in Kashmir and other locations throughout the Indian peninsula.

Some historians speclate that this could be evidence of technology that an ancient people or gods once possessed.

The pyramids are closely connected with both the constellation and the great priests, of the Lemurians and Atlanteans, who held the records of universal history.

H.P. Blavatsky‚Äôs ” Secret Doctrine” tells us that there was a time when the four parts of the world were covered in pyramids and temples sacred to the Sun and the Dragon but the cult is now preserved mainly on India and China and Buddhist countries.

Could these reptilian beings be a actual advanced race of beings from beyond the stars, or a metaphorical intreptation or the cosmic egg.

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