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AirAsia Flight 8501 Wreckage Found with ‘Victims’ Near by

Several victims have been recovered from the search zone of the missing AirAsia flight, the Indonesian Navy stated.

Objects resembling parts of the plane, as well as the alleged plane shadow underwater, were seen in the same area.

“There was a man swaying on the waves. After I looked at the photo carefully on my laptop, I understood it was a human body,” a lieutenant of the Indonesian Air Force told local media.

The bodies so far found have been brought to an Indonesian Navy ship, National Search and Rescue Director Supriyadi told. The corpses were swollen, but intact, and did not have life jackets on, he said, as cited by AP.

Meanwhile, Indonesian authorities are checking if what they saw are bodies or survivors, navy officials stated.

“Crew had visual of people at sea surface, not far from debris,” they said.

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