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Flying ‘Angels and Witches’ Caught on Video? Ultra-Terrestrials

A camera man in Boa Vista, Brazil caught on camera strange creature flying. The camera man thought he was captured birds flying, but when zoomed in, he realized they were two strange winged creatures that resemble WHAT we may call ‘angels’.

Some speculation on what exactly these creatures are, are in open debate online leaving many to think its an elaborate hoax using CG. While some claim the video is 100% authentic, and is actually a rare catch of extraterrestrials or even ultra-terrestrials…beings from another dimension.

Ultraterrestrials are like extraterrestrials, a very technologically and scientifically advanced civilization (much more so than ours), except they don’t come from space but rather, from our own Earth. In fact, they have been living among us since the dawn of time. They may be either a different branch of biological evolution, or a certain human culture that, for some reason, evolved much faster than others.

The term was coined by John Keel in the 1970s to explain, for example, the mystery airships.

Literally hundreds of cases of flying humanoid creatures have been reported for centuries. Only in the 20th and 21st century have we had the technology to provide photographic evidence of this phenomenon.

Watch the Videos Below and Judge for Yourself!


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