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UFO Sightings Videos Dec 1-10, 2014

December 10, 2014-Two ufo videos submitted to Thirdphaseofmoon 1st lets go to Machu Picchu the 15th-century Inca city! Joeseph Stanton while visiting the Sacared site. looks in the direction of a young girls observation, of what lPikchuooks to be a cigar shaped ufo hovering over the enigmatic ancient site. Skander Gharbi of Tuniisa Captures A Strange Circular formation of Clouds, what could have formed this could phenomenon.






December 5, 2014-UFO seen shooting a red laser beam, near the ISS.





 December 6, 2014-For those unfamiliar with this phenomenon U.F.O VARIABLE….It is believed that these Crafts are converting the Suns Energy into Electromagnetic to travel around..If you pay close attention you will notice these U.F.O’s have spheres that rotates inside them….According to the Hypotheses Thermomagnetic: In reality these spheres are converting Suns Energy into Electromagnetic..
I have researched this subject and come to realized this a Real Phenomenon..In my opinion i believe to have captured one traveling overhead..

December-06-2014 A U.F.O Variable was captured traveling over San Antonio,Texas…While Skywatching facing north,I notice this Flash…As i began to zoom in i notice this rotating object..It seemed to be traveling at a high rate of speed…Used the roof/tree top as reference point(giving the altitude/speed it was traveling).I tried my best to keep it in frame as it traveled overhead..Managed to captured as it appears to morph it shape as it travels overhead..On the Video Captures you can clearly see other orbs..In my Opinion it was clearly no aircraft,weather balloon,satellite,space debris…




December 6, 2014-December-06-2014 Energy U.F.O Orbs were captured on video traveling over San Antonio,Texas..
On this video you will see an Energy U.F.O Ball of Light traveling underneath some clouds….
As i was Scanning the sky,i notice this orb traveling by some clouds…As you can see on the video this object seems to travel under the clouds..I continue to follow it as it traveled overhead..It appear to be under Intelligent Controlled..Was traveling at a constant speed and direction..At some point it began to get brighter and travels out of sight…..In my opinion this object is clearly not an aircraft or weather balloon/satellite…





November 23, 2014- The UFO video below was shot near Popocatépetl (pictured above, sans aliens), a volcano that’s had close encounters in the past. It is also, however, located near an airport. Where flying objects often pass by. Make of that what you will.        Watch the Video Below!


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