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New Video Of 2nd Japanese Hostage Killed by ISIS

Breaking News: A purported video showing the beheading of the second Japanese hostage has been released and US Officials are now trying to determine if its authentic.

A 1 minute long video has been released showing Mr. Kenji Goto, a journalist in Japan, wearing an orange jumpsuit, and ISIS has a message for Japan that this is only the beginning for Japan.

Mr. Goto a Japanese citizen is the second Japanese citizen killed by the Islamic State. Jordan officials are warning ISIS over the fate of the captive Jordan Air Force member they are currently still holding. Jordan is threatening they will hang ISIS captives they have if their Air Force pilot is harmed. It was hoped that Jordan could make a trade deal with the Islamic State, but now that is starting to fade, reports Mail Online.

It was originally asked by ISIS for Japan to pay them $2 million dollars for the release of their two citizens. Japan responded by saying they will not respond to terrorist threats earlier this week.

This story is still developing and more to follow as it breaks.

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