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NASA Scuttles Feed As UFO Tracks SpaceX’s Dragon VIDEO

YouTube User thirdphaseofmoon catches a UFO from the NASA live feed as the ISS sends back the Dragon capsule to Earth.

In this facinating video, you can clearly see that something is watching the capsule.

Dragon is a partially reusable spacecraft developed by SpaceX, an American private space transportation company based in Hawthorne, California. Dragon is launched into space by the SpaceX Falcon 9 two-stage-to-orbit launch vehicle, and SpaceX is developing a crewed version called the Dragon V2.

During its maiden flight in December 2010, Dragon became the first commercially-built and operated spacecraft to be recovered successfully from orbit. On 25 May 2012, a cargo variant of Dragon became the first commercial spacecraft to successfullyrendezvous with and be attached to the International Space Station (ISS).  SpaceX is contracted to deliver cargo to the ISS under NASA’s Commercial Resupply Services program, and Dragon began regular cargo flights in October 2012.

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