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Crashed Drone Found on White House Lawn

A small drone flying low to the ground crashed onto the White House grounds before dawn Monday, triggering a major emergency response and raising fresh questions about security at the presidential mansion.

Drones or otherwise known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are  taking the country by storm! It was one of the Holidays best picks for 2014 and sales continue to grow. Some drones are used by our US Military for recon missions in the Middle East and on the US Border. A growing number of businesses are using drones and with all the hype, its driving down the costs. Now anyone can purchase their very own drone to take video or just to fly for fun.

In Las Vegas Nevada, some hotels are using drones to deliver buckets of beer, and champagne for a hefty price, but the average cost of drones that you can own range from $50 to $300-which makes them quite competitive and realistic for anyone for just about any purpose. Just don’t go flying them around the White house!


Check out this amazing drone that You can Own!    UDI RC 2.4 GHz 6 Axis Gyro Quadcopter with 2 GB SD Card


Watch the Video for more!

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