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Vatican’s Egyptian ‘Mini Mummies’ are Fake

A team took a look recently using a CT scan and X-ray device to inspect the Vatican’s rare collection of ‘mini- mummies’ and discovered that they are really from the Middle Ages.

These artifacts were located at one of the Vatican’s museum in Rome.  The Vatican Museums are the museums of the Vatican City and are located within the city’s boundaries. They display works from the immense collection built up by the Popes throughout the centuries including some of the most renowned classical sculptures and most important masterpieces of Renaissance art in the world.

Pope Julius II founded the museums in the early 16th century. The Sistine Chapel with its ceiling decorated by Michelangelo and the Stanze della Segnatura decorated byRaphael are on the visitor route through the Vatican Museums.

Oldest Gospel of Mark Found inside Mummy Mask-Click for Video!

In 2013, they were visited by 5.5 million people, which combined makes it the 5th most visited art museum in the world.

Learn more about Ancient Egypt:  Egyptian Mythology: A Guide to the Gods, Goddesses, and Traditions of Ancient Egypt

Check out the Video for More!
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