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Mystery Noise Could Be From Earth Like Planet

A mysterious space signal once dismissed could indeed be a signal from a earth-like planet 22 light years away.

The Gliese 581d planet has conditions that could support life, and is likely to be a rocky world, twice the size of Earth. (See Video Below)

Now, a further study claims that the 2014 research was based on ‘inadequate analyses of the data’ and that Gliese 581d does exist.

The study, by Queen Mary University, London and the University of Hertfordshire, claims to use a more accurate model on the existing data.

‘The existence (or not) of GJ 581d is significant because it was the first Earth-like planet discovered in the ‘Goldilocks’-zone around another star and it is a benchmark case for the Doppler technique,’ said lead author, Dr Guillem Anglada-EscudĂ©.


The planet was initially discovered in 2010. It was the first Earth-like planet found in the ‘Goldilocks’-zone around another star.

But soon after the discovery, a group of scientists said the signals thought to be from a planet were in fact simply magnetic bursts from stars.

The latest study claims that the stellar bursts research was based on ‘inadequate analyses of the data’.

They said the method is suitable for large planets, but the technique is unable to find small planets like GJ 581d.

Last year, Pennsylvania State University researchers said Gliese 581d - and its companion Gliese 581g - were simply a trick of the light caused by magnetic bursts from a local star 22 light-years away.

The new British research, however, argues the method used by the Pennsylvania team was only suitable for large planets, and that it could miss small ones like GJ 581d.

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