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Hatra Destroyed by Islamic State VIDEO

Shocking video has emerged of ISIS thugs using sledgehammers and AK-47 rifles to destroy walls and statues in Iraq’s UNESCO World Heritage city of Hatra.

In the slickly produced seven minute footage, jihadists are shown smashing shrines and statues in the 2,000-year old city.

Militants are also recorded chipping away at the bases of some of the larger wall sculptures and cracking boulders into ancient city pillars, while eerie music plays in the background.

The footage was posted to a militant website frequently used by the terrorist organisation.

ISIS currently controls a swath of land slightly larger than the UK, from Aleppo to central Iraq.

The fanatics claim ancient relics are ‘false idols’ which promote idolatry that violates their fundamentalist interpretation of Islamic law.

Authorities also believe they have been sold on the black market to fund their atrocities.

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