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Could the Missing Jupiter Boys be in the Sargasso Sea?

Two affluent and avid angler teenage boys from Jupiter Florida set out fishing Friday morning of July 26th on a trip they’ve done hundreds of times.

Jupiter Florida, located in Palm Beach county Florida has been described as the 9th happiest seaside town in America, by coastal living and is home to some famous celebrities and affluent families.

14 year old Perry Cohen and his friend Austin Stephanos had grown up on these waters their whole lives and lived for fishing. In the afternoon of July 24th, a strong fast moving storm blew through the busy waterways of the Jupiter Florida bay.

When Perry and Austin failed to check in, their families got worried and called local authorities.

Both families claim the teen boys were well versed and practiced in boating practices and waterway safety and also had their boating licence.Their parents say Perry and Austin knew they were to stay in the calm intercoastal waterways and NOT to ever go into the ocean. They had their cell phones, some Gatoraide for their day trip of fishing on their 19ft Seacraft center console single prop engine boat.

Shorty after their disappearance, a search was underway, searching the nearby coastal waters. After a few days of searching their boat was discovered a shocking 80 miles north of Jupiter Florida, but Perry and Austin were no where to be found. The search was extended as far north as the Carolina coast.

The Cohens and Stephanos families claim they know their boys are still alive, as they had excellent survival knowledge, skills and were strong willed.

Is it possible that the pair could of tied together life preservers and or their ice chest and be floating adrift?

There are strong water currents called the northern equatorial and the carribean currents. they flow along the eastern sea board and eventually connect to the gulf stream.

In the middle of the atlantic their is an odd phenomenon known as the Bermuda Triangle which has been tied to mythos for centuries. but a little known anomile lies inside this area known as the Sargasso sea.

The Sargasso sea is very calm and eriely quiet in favorable weather, the currents encircle this area trapping in floating debris and seaweed floats, for which it was named after. The Sargasso sea behaves very strange due to surrounding currents and underwater terrain, that even Christopher Columbus made note of his encounter of the sea in the middle of the ocean that is eriely dead calm.

Noticing the large but narrow search peremiter conducted by the Navy, Coast Guard and volunteers, the search hugs closely to the coast line. Is it possible that if Perry and Austin were floating on a makeshift raft, that they were swept up along the coast and were spun out into the Sargasso Sea by a phenonenon called an ocean eddy?

Could Bermuda Island help aid in the search?

Today marks 7 days that Perry and Austin have been missing. If the missing teens are not found by
sundown of July 31st, authorities announced they will suspend their search.

Perry & Austin’s GoFundMe Page so the family can continue their search

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