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Virginia News Reporter/Cameraman Shot and Killed on Live TV

A CBS local affiliate in Virginia, tweeted out that a reporter and a photographer with the station were killed in a bizarre freak attack on live TV.

During a live segment in WDBJ’s morning show Wednesday, approximately eight gunshots are heard as reporter Alison Parker is seen interviewing someone on screen at Bridgewater Plaza.

The camera, which is being operated by photographer Adam Ward, falls to the ground and the broadcast cuts back to the anchor desk.

Alison Parker seems to be targeted first in the video that is circulating on Twitter, then the gun is turned on the cameraman and the other woman seems to have been shot as well.

The video captured an image believed to be the suspected shooter before it cut away.

Screen grab of shooter

More on this story as it develops.

New York City has stepped up its police presence around TV stations being reported by Fox News.

UPDATE 7:35AM PST- The suspect has been identified as a former disgruntled employee of the News Station, and a police chase of the suspect is underway at this time. Governor or Virginia says an arrest is eminent. The woman who was being interviewed was shot in the back and is in surgery at this time, no word on her condition.

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