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CNN to Host Democratic Debate in Virtual Reality

If your just so excited to hear all your favorite senior citizen liberals and self proclaimed socialists in the first CNN Democratic Debate that you just can’t stand it, them wait-CNN is bringing it to you LIVE in Virtual Reality.

Why not just watch probably the most boring debate of 2015 when you can feel like your on stage cheering Bernie, Hillary or  any of those other random old white dudes on for higher taxes and tons of other cool free stuff.

Of course first you have to have a VR headset to rock on and lock eyes with Bernie and Chafee, CNN posted instructions on their website in BIG print how to connect in the VR world of the Future,

If you have a brand-new virtual reality headset, you can watch a 360-degree view of Tuesday night’s Democratic debate.

CNN is producing a virtual reality version of the debate telecast, marking the first time that a news event is live-streamed to the Samsung GearVR headset.

Whoa, thats so amazing! The future really is here! CNN also writes,

There are four special VR cameras installed in the debate hall.

While wearing a headset, “you are the cameraperson,” said DJ Roller, the co-founder of Next VR, CNN’s partner for the live-stream. “You can look around wherever you are.”

Two of the cameras are installed near the questioners, allowing VR viewers to see how the candidates are reacting to each other. Another camera is right behind the candidates’ podiums. And the fourth camera is embedded in the seating area.

“You’d probably get attacked by the Secret Service if you tried to get as close as these cameras,” Roller quipped.

CNN also writes about how many cameras and tech setups this took to bring to you two hours of five senior citizens stand motionless behind podiums on a flashing red, white and blue stage hash out all the questions that most Americans are dying to know, like “What do you think of Donald Trump?” and Dem classics like, “What new Gov policies and programs can you create to drive America even further into debt?”

Wait, it gets even better, CNN is also creating some too cool animated profile gifs of all the Dem’s and the Socialist so now these avatars will be popping up in the corners of your TV screens every 3 to 6 minutes for the next 18 months!

 Epic Jim Webb gif, or who ever you are! #FeelTheChafee then #FeelTheBern the reach for your #Blue-Emu Can it get any better than this?

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