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Watch The ‘Racist’ View Call Out Ted Cruz VIDEO

Whoopi Goldberg and three other nobodies sit around on their failing show ‘The View’ attempting to call out Sen. Ted Cruz after he announced his running for President about his race.

Whoopi and company tends to think its okay to throw racist remarks just because some people did the same to Obama when he was running in 2008 and 2012.

Now, anyone who tried to discredit President Obama because of his mixed race is just disgusting, and so is Whoopi Goldberg.

They seem to think its okay to call into question about where Ted Cruz was born and how hes not qualified to run for President because he was born in Canada, yet his Mother was an American.

“Now, are you talking for the white side or your Cuban side?” Bellows Whoopi Goldberg.

The only reason she makes this kind of nasty remark is because she knows no one will call her on it, directly, and the left will protect her along with the bought and paid for left wing main stream media.

She’ll call out a man for being mixed race, but won’t touch Hillary Clinton who is a proven liar and possibly a terrorist, that is yet to be seen with all her shady money deals with ‘on the fence countries’.

You would think she would try to rise above such vile and ignorant remarks but she does show here true ‘self’ and I guess we need to give her credit for being an honest ignorant racist person, I am sad for her….and the whole lot on that fail of a show.

It takes more than Fox News calling out this disrespectful behavior, it takes people like us, the American Bloggers to point out the hypocrisy of this shill of a show. Hopefully this will generate some dialog.

Check out the video below to see it for yourself:

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