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Mysterious Faces Found on Taiwan Mountains

Scott C. Waring was exploring Taiwan and discovered not one but two ‘faces’ that look to be carved into mountain sides resembling Easter Island statues. Though this could just be another case of paredolia, it is interesting to entertain thoughts of a lost civilization remains. Mr. Waring took some video of his discovery to document his findings. He makes mention of a possible extraterrestrial connection and a near by military base which further mystify this intriguing find.

I was in Kenting and found another face. This is the second massive face in the local area. There is another I found a few months ago. This face looks a lot like the Easter Island statures and this face is facing out to sea. The second face I found is at the end of this video. Can you see it on the mountain?

These faces are located just 30km from a place where a few years ago a Taiwan police officer photographed a 3 meter tall alien near a lake in a secluded mountain. Also this is just 10km from the location of a Google Earth UFO found over a Taiwan AFB.

Taiwan does have a prehistoric know history that was shared with other Pacific Islands including Easter Island and Hawaii. In the Late Pleistocene, sea levels were about 140 m lower than in the present day, exposing the floor of the shallow Taiwan Strait as a land bridge that was crossed by mainland fauna. The oldest evidence of human presence on Taiwan consists of three cranial fragments and a molar tooth found at Chouqu and Gangzilin, in Zuozhen District, Tainan. These are estimated to be between 20,000 and 30,000 years old.

Early Chinese histories refer to visits to eastern islands that some historians identify with Taiwan. Troops of the Three Kingdoms state of Wu are recorded as visiting an island known as Yizhou (夷洲) in the 3rd century. The Book of Sui relates that Emperor Yang of the Sui dynasty sent three expeditions to a place called Liuqiu early in the 6th century. Later the name Liuqiu (Japanese: Ryukyu) referred to the island chain to the northeast of Taiwan, but some scholars believe it may have referred to Taiwan in the Sui period. Neither of these names has been definitively matched to the main island of Taiwan.



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