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ISIS Bulldoze Ancient Nimrud city in Iraq

The newest victim of the Islamic state is the ancient Iraqi city of Nimrod.

The UNESCO site that was built in the 13th century reduced to rubble Thursday, officials of antiquities for the region reported on  Friday.

The site was discovered in 1988 and over 600 artifacts have been taken and appear in museums around the world. The discovery of Ancient Nimrud was considered one of the most valuable finds of the 20th century.

This comes after last week ISIS destroyed a museum in Mosul, taking sledgehammers and drills to precious artifacts that are thousands of years old.

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  • rob

    Wow that’s crazy, they are just negating societies achievements and progress. Shameful savages

  • Elton J

    They want to destroy anything they regard as idolatrous. But they can take it too far. This is the problem with Religion, actually. People who think they are righteous for destroying their heritage are destroying something that is priceless. Although Jesus said “Let the dead bury their dead.” He did not mean desecrate their memories, what he means is leave the dead alone and worry about the present.