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North Korea Has Nuclear Missiles Ready

It seems North Korea has developed Nuclear Missiles and is ready to use them amid a growing fear of many countries are in a virtual arms race.

Its important to notice that Iran frequently trades with North Korea as well as Russia and Syria.

North Korea has nuclear missiles and is prepared to use them at any time, an envoy for the country said in a recent interview, reports Fox News.

North Korean Ambassador to Britain Hyun Hak Bong told Sky News that his government would use the missiles in response to a nuclear attack by the U.S.

Asked whether North Korea has the ability now to launch a nuclear missile, Hyun replied: “Any time. Any time. Yes.”

“If the United States strike us, we should strike back,” he said.

The ambassador reaffirmed that the country does not “want war, but we are not afraid of war.”

North Korea is thought to have a handful of crude nuclear bombs and has conducted tests since 2006. However, experts are divided on how advanced the country’s technology is and is unsure if they could miniaturize warheads so they can be placed on missiles.

The spokesman for South Korea’s Defense Ministry, Kim Min-seok, said Saturday that while North Korea might have advanced its technologies for miniaturizing nuclear warheads so they can be installed on missiles, Seoul does not believe they have succeeded yet.

Kim pointed out that the North has conducted only three nuclear tests so far and it’s unclear how successful they were.

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