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4 New Russian Holes Appear in Siberia

Scientist Report Seeing 'Flashes of Light' Near the Openings

In 2014, three mystery holes appeared in the Russian peninsula of Yamal deep into Siberia, now four more have appeared.

Siberian reindeer herders literally stumbled upon a scientific mystery when they found a deep, gaping hole in the Earth.(See Video Below)

While walking along their pasturing route, the herders nearly plummeted into a rabbit hole about about 13 feet wide and an estimated 200 to 330 feet deep.

This new hole, found in the Taymyr Peninsula, may help scientists uncover the cause of these bizarre openings in the Earth. Researchers and bystanders have proposed many conflicting theories as to the cause of the first two holes, which were made known earlier this month, in the Yamal peninsula.

Some suggest the holes may be the result of missile testing, while others insist a fiery ball crashed into the Earth from outer space.

Proxy Ponder News: Could these Mystery Holes in Russia be Linked to the Bermuda Triangle?

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