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Islamic State Demands Turkey Restore Euphrates Water Supply

ISIS has threatened Turkey with violence if the Haditha Dam is not reopened to restore water flow into the Euphrates River.

The apparent closure is especially unfavorable to the terrorist group, as its new ‘capital’ Raqqa, in northern Syria, is in that zone.

This is creating a humanitarian catastrophe as water levels plummet in nearby Lake Assad.

In a new Vice documentary episode on the IS militia, one member warns that if the Turkish government doesn’t open the Euphrates Dam back up, the group will do it for them by “liberating”Istanbul.

“I pray to God that the apostate [Turkish] government reconsiders its decisions. Because if they do not reconsider it now, we will reconsider it for them by liberating İstanbul,” Abu Mosa, the spokesman for the group, tells the camera during the filming of the five-episode documentary in Raqqa. He makes sure to identify this as “a clear threat.”

In the video below, Pastor Paul Begley from Indiana talks in detail about this new revelation and how it is relates to the modern ‘End Time’ beliefs.

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