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Pine Marten Big Cat Spotted in England First Time in a Century

A rare Pine Marten “Big cat” was spotted by a photographer in the Shropshire Forest in England near Wales, this was the first sighting in 100 years.

Pine Martins have been extinct in England since 1915. The Pine Marten is from the weasel family and looks like a large black cat.

For years people in England have reported seeing big cats, that are large and black in color. Some credit the sightings to escaped panthers from zoos or from private collections that were popular in the 70’s which are now illegal or for common house cats.

Perhaps the rediscovery of the rare pine marten in British forests can account for some of these fascinating encounters.


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  • I’m pretty sure this was the mysterious creature I saw 2 days ago in Yorkshire. I posted on G+ it scared my cat so she was hiding under a bush and wouldn’t come out. I get lots of things like birds and fruit bats and live near the deer park/ wentworth estate. Couldn’t get a photo