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Lost Ancient City of Kane Found in Turkey

A lost ancient civilization may have been found on a tiny Turkish Island that may have well once been the city of Kane.

During surface surveys carried out near Dikili’s Bademli village, geo-archaeologists examined samples from the underground layers and learned one of the peninsulas there was in fact an island in the ancient era, and its distance from the mainland was filled with alluviums over time.

With a comprehensive research project carried out by geo-archaeologists from Cologne University and led by the German Archaeology Institute, the relation of harbors on Dikili’s Karadağ peninsula was examined.

The ancient city of Kane, which gave its name to the peninsula, was known as a harbor, chosen by the Romans during the war against Antiochas III in 191-190 B.C.

The famous battle of Arginusae took place in 406 B.C. in the southwest of the ancient city between the Athenians and Spartans. In the war, even though the Athenians won a victory against the Spartans, their commander was tried when they returned to the country and executed because they did not help the wounded soldiers and did not bury the dead.

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