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New Ancient Underground City Found in Turkey

A new underground ancient city was discovered in Turkey, near Cappadocia-and the discovery will “rewrite history” according to experts.

Hasan Ünver, the mayor of Nevşehir, where Cappadocia is located, said the new findings at the ancient underground city in the province would rewrite history.

“When the works are finalized the history of Cappadocia will be rewritten,” said Ünver, adding the findings found during the excavations dated back as the Hittite era.

Experts claim that this new underground city provides evidence that people were permanently living underground, not just resorting to it for periodic shelter.
“We have reached significant discoveries; new long tunnels and spaces where people lived all together. Places where linseed oil was produced, chapels and tunnels combining various living spaces in the underground city were found,” said Ünver.

Other large ancient underground cities have been found around the world, but this one is a first of its kind to provide evidence of a permanent residence.

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