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Syria Missile Attack Deep State Move or 4D Chess?

Bloggers, armchair political pundits took a storm to the internet through social media since President Donald Trump ordered to launch 60 Tomahawk missiles at an Air Base in Syria last Friday. 

Was the Syria Missile Attack Deep State Move or 4D Chess?

“America First” is Donald Trump’s platform for his huge success as a Presidential candidate promising to be the “President of America” not the world, he said when he addressed Congress back in February. Donald Trump touted policies like taking the United States out of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), building a wall on the Mexican border, tightening immigration, reducing job killing regulations, bringing jobs back and many more.

This all changed last week when alleged reports of Bashir Al Assad of Syria launched a chemical attack of banned Sarin gas on innocent civilians. President Trump called out and condemned the horrors of this vicious attack that killed around 100 people including many children and babies. In 48 hours President Trump was hosting the Chinese President at the winter White House, Mar a lago in Florida when he authorized 60 Tomahawk missiles to strike an Air Base inside of Syria destroying many air planes and warehouses.

It is reported that President Trump did warn Russian President Vladimir Putin one hour before the attack took place to minimize any Russian casualties. President Trump shortly after the attack addressed the American People stating that he had seen proof that Assad’s military were responsible for the chemical attack and this clearly warranted a response from the United States.

This bold move sent shock waves around the world especially through stanch Trump supporters promptly ensuing a rage storm across social media platforms. Bloggers, alternative media political pundits alike raised hell on Twitter claiming that President Trump was compromised by the ‘Deep State’ and now he was operating under their plans. People sited the praise coming from anti-Trump supporters such as republican strategist Bill Kristol, news anchor Brian Williams, Senator John McCain of Arizona(R) and Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina(R) as proof that he was working for the globalists. Shocked bloggers sited the recent Presidential ‘shake up’ of people in prominent positions directly around the President like Steve Bannon being removed from the National Security Council as proof the Deep State had won.

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National Security Advisor Lt. Gen. McMasters and Presidential Advisor Jared Kushner took the brunt of the blame for the globalists take over. Many speculate if Donald Trump was fooling his base all along or if he indeed was being lied to by being presented with false intelligence to make such a radical decision that departs sharply from his main campaign message of “Make American Great Again”. Surely these ideas are bolstered by the recent Vault 7 Wikileaks that exposes the CIA as heavily politicized and practicing illegal acts and programs on the American people.

If all of this speculation is true, then President Trump is setting a course for World War 3. Then there’s the 4D chess analysis to consider which can get quite confusing and also mostly floats in the realm of armchair politics and speculation. This is when I decided to do my own research to discover my own truth and to my surprise it was hidden right in plain sight, out of Donald Trumps own mouth.

On the campaign trail in 2015 and 2016 then Presidential Candidate Donald Trump often spoke of what he would do to solve the refugee crisis. If we want to stop refugees flooding in the country and into Europe  infiltrated by radical jihadists we need to solve the problem at the source, which is largely in Syria. He often referred to the refugee crisis as a ‘Great Trojan Horse’. Donald Trump also often spoke about how stupid Obama and Hillary Clinton was by broadcasting exactly what they would do on foreign policy, stating that “Can you imagine the great General Douglas MacArthur, giving away our stratedgy?” Donald Trump also spoke about keeping the enemy guessing, “Let them think they are going to go through hell, never tell them no boots on the ground even if you aren’t, but don’t tell them!”

“Maybe we shouldn’t be so honest when it comes to foreign policy, sorry about that I hope I didn’t lose your vote by saying that.” -DJT

Donald Trump wants to set up Safe Zones in Syria and Defeat ISIS

Given the complexity of the situation in Syria and saber rattling of Kim Jong Un of North Korea, Donald Trump’s goals are going to be very hard to pull off, unless you have a proper strategy in place and do not tell the enemy what you are doing, and if he tells the American people, they will also know. We are going to have to trust Donald Trump, time and time again he has proven everyone wrong, delivering in spades to the American people what he has promised, why would we not trust him now?

The Art of the Syria Deal

To make the ultimate deal for Syria we must understand the positions held by the surrounds nations to see how this could play out. Russia is up for talks about safe zones, Bashir Al Assad was staunchly against safe zones operated by the US including Iran, Jordan and Israel is pro safe zones as well as Turkey. Donald Trump has also said that the surrounding nations must be involved and help to pay for this effort, which may prove difficult as Turkey and Saudi Arabia need persuasion.

We need a wedge issue to get President Trump’s foot in the ‘Syrian door’, then last week the chemical attack happened. It does not matter if it was Bashir Al Assad’s military as many have suggested that it would be insane for Assad to order such as attack so close to stamping out ISIS, but this does not matter, we blame Assad for the chemical attack no matter what, which gives the US options to work with siting such an offense. The United States can then claim the highest stakes of regime change and posture ourselves as such, sending a sharp message around the world especially to North Korea that ‘America is back and means business’.

Only at this point can we began the negotiations with Assad and Russia to gain a safe zone region inside of Syria if Assad promises to ‘behave’ giving us great leverage over the situation. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is scheduled to meet in Russia later next week. Jordan has been working for some time to clear an area ‘radical free’ for such a safe zone if brokered as they have absorbed 1.4 million Syrian refugees at costs of billions of dollars a year. Securing this deal with conditions set upon Bashir Al Assad to act accordingly of face hundreds of thousands of American troops to force a regime change is exactly the kind of talk Saudi Arabia and Turkey like to hear, which may soften them to cooperate. Interestingly, neo-con hawks also like this type of talk because it runs parallel to the globalists agenda, though its only talk and doubt it will come to fruition…but lets not tell them that!

This display by President Trump hopefully will bode well against North Korea, as the Pentagon discusses options of either regime change or nuclear threat. That’s it, no other options for Kim Jong Un, be removed or face nuclear war. Hopefully this will bring North Korea and China to the table to possible discuss removing nuclear weapons from Kim Jong Un. 

This missile attack and threats also helps kill the story of Trump collusion with Russia and is rallying some approval among the anti-Trump crowds boding as an attempt to help bring the nation together and a ‘Deep State’ headfake. Though Trump supporters are split on the Syria issue, when a deal is struck hind sight will be 20/20. It is totally fine for people to have different opinions and actually the chaos serves President Trump well, as I’m sure the Russians and China are actively combing the web to gauge our response to see if these threats from Donald Trump are legitimate.

To be clear, this is my opinion and reasonable points have been made based on facts generally accepted by the public. 


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