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President Trump Will Not Risk War Over Syria

Rumors of war are churning about inside and outside the DC beltway. Will President Donald Trump go to war with Syria over a recent chemical attack purportedly being orchestrated by the Assad regime?

In recent days a terrible chemical attack on the Syrian people hurting and killing hundreds of people including infants and children reportedly said to have been carried out by the Syrian Regime of Bashir Al Assad. Other sources say that ISIS or ‘moderate rebels’ are responsible for this latest gas attack. Russia has reportedly concurred with the assessing that the so called moderate forces are responsible for the attacks.

It is uncertain in recent statements from a variety of sources including Fox News that there is some confusion over the type of chemical agent used, saying that traces of chlorine were first detected and now the nerve agent sarin gas has been detected according to the UN.  Chlorine gas has been used time and time again by the Islamic State(ISIS).

Just days earlier before the recent Syrian gas attack  President Trump said that he was not looking for regime change in Syria. During the last two administrations we have seen many nations in the middle east under go regime change at the hands of the United States and largely all have failed. Subsequently past US foreign policies created a vacuum in the region for radical groups like ISIS to form and strengthen, such as in Iraq & Libya.

Why would the Assad regime risk a chemical attack on its own people after President Trump’s non-regime change statement? This clearly would cross a dangerous ‘red line’ and posture western nations against Assad, referring to the ‘red line’ former President Obama drew as a threat to Assad, but never delivered after a chemical attack in Syria in 2012.  Neocon pundits alike say that Assad feels emboldened by President Trump’s statements but that doesn’t quite pass as practical as Assad is fairly westernized and surely understands President Trumps position of ‘all options on the table’ which he has repeatedly said during his campaign and during his Presidency thus far pertaining to all foreign US policy.

We see the likes of Senator of Arizona John McCain come out on several news shows beating the war drums spouting the same old mantra of Assad is bad, rebels are good. Which are in fact rebels working with the radical caliphate ISIS, or are directly ISIS themselves reported by multiple sources over the past few years.

So far President Trumps remarks on the Syrian situation have not aligned with the likes of McCain or other neocons, though hardliners seem hopeful that President Trump will attack Assad military forces. During a press conference with King Abdullah II of Jordan on Wednesday, President Trump answered a reporters question about Syria stating that indeed this recent chemical attack did cross several ‘red lines’ for him and he focused his sadness and disdain for the children and babies killed and wounded by this recent attack. However President Donald Trump did not say that regime change was in order or even call it out as an option during this press conference, on the contrary he definitely stated that his goal was to destroy ISIS and terrorists ‘hard and fast.’ President Trump did however state that his opinion has changed recently about Bashir Al Assad. King Abdullah of Jordan also responded by saying that most Syrian refugees want to return home, one can draw from these statements that we need a stable, safe Syria for the estranged Syrians to return home.

Next week Sec. of State Rex Tillerson will pay a visit to Russia and meet with President Putin which will be a meeting to watch for for future developments on the Syrian front.

It would be foolish to attempt to over throw Bashir Al Assad of Syria or as some foreign policy analysts have suggested to even strike Syrian Air Forces at this point with Russian and US Military forces on the ground fighting in Syria on the cusp of seriously reducing and destroying the Islamic Caliphate. A move against the Assad Regime would anger Russia, thus degrading already tense relations, anger Iran whom is also a nuclear state just looking for any reason to destroy Israel or the US. The US Military is already at unprecedented personnel numbers with US forces already in so many places fighting on different fronts. Also any move against Assad would benefit ISIS the very thing President Donald Trump is poised to destroy. Incidentally these actions may be a catalyst to start World War 3. If it is obvious that we see this as a serious mistake surely Donald Trump sees this also as a misstep towards his goals.

War against Syria would be difficult to pull off, firstly to deploy the amount of US troops needed and to ramp up attacks in Syria President Trump would need to declare war on Bashir Al Assad of Syria and get it approved through the House. We see 90 to 100% of the Democrats in full resistance against anything President Trump wants to do, also we have members like Senator of Kentucky Rand Paul (R) and Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D) of Hawaii who would rail against any such actions in Syria. President Trump would also have to take into account the will of the American people which as late seem war weary. Clearly there is more to lose than to gain by taking these actions.

Keep in mind that the Democrats, Elites and Neocons are hell bent on destroying President Donald Trump. We have seen their various ways to undermine the sitting President and any war blustering could be a ‘head-fake’ to the elites, playing a larger role in efforts in the future that are yet unclear.

President Donald Trump thus far has given us no reasons to think that he would take such actions since he is so far been loyal to his supporters. Donald Trump has delivered on many campaign promises such as removing the US from the job stealing Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), starting work on the border wall, signing an executive order to reduce job killing regulations and many more. Why would President Trump waiver now?

The Democrats and Elites would love nothing more than to isolate President Trump from his supporters, turning them against him. Donald Trump dodged and treked through many hard fought moments during his campaign that most politicians would have never been able to endure. Donald Trump and his family have suffered greatly to make American great again, don’t be so quick to abandon President Trump now when he needs us now more then ever. Lets wait and watch what happens and be weary of all media at this point.







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