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New Dove Soap Commercial Features Transgender ‘Mom’ VIDEO

Dove has for the past few years launched an ad campaign to feature ‘real women’ to get you to buy their soap products, this time they get edgy and feature a transgender ‘Mom’ holding a new born baby.

Social Justice Warriors are praising Dove’s attempt to inject themselves into the ‘mainstream’ culture by featuring real women, but this time its a man dressed as a woman, otherwise known as a Transgender person.

The commercial is to market a new line of products called Baby Dove.

The ad is getting mixed reviews, some with praise stating that “anyone can be a Mom! … to That is a MAN, I’ll stick to Irish Spring.”

For the past decade we have seen a real push from Hollywood and MSM for inclusion for transgenders, this is just an example of their latest attempt.

Watch the commercial below:

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