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Super Bowl Commercials and Illuminati Conspiracies

A wide range of Super Bowl commercials graced the TV screens all across America and the internet, showing an interesting display of carefully designed commercials possibly depicting the elites future plans.

YouTube user TheGroxt1 made some interesting connections to some Super Bowl commercials and the Illuminati.

Here in his videos he shows exactly how these commercials are layed out in accordinace with the Bible, and what exactly does this mean.

His description closely resembles that of Revelations 12. He talks about Kate Upton and many others. It is also interesting to note that in Katy Perry’s Super Bowl halftime show, she is seen riding on the ‘back of a beast’ which is also a Biblical reference.

Alien Face on Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Dress-Click to See!

All of these clues point us in the direction of a ‘sacrifice’, but what exactly is meant by this?

Watch the videos below for the Full Revelation: 


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