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Clinton Corruption: Has the Anti-Christ Been Exposed? VIDEO

There is something going on with the Clintons…its a conspiracy or a fabricated fantasy….

There IS something going on, if you pay attention to the SIGNS.
Wikileaks with Internet Truth Warrior Julian Assange has exposed many emails exposing the Clinton’s on corruption, scandals, pay for play, their true feelings for Christians, Jews, and the American people. There have been many signs that something evil hangs around the Clinton’s But only recently, have the signs been present and more intense than ever before.

Yet she and the people around her masquerade around as the rightous ones, disparaging anyone who gets in their way….
But if we connect the dots….a bigger picture emerges.

When the Clinton’s were in the White House, it is said by staff members and Secret Service and even admitted in Bill Clinton’s book that Hillary regularly preformed rituals in the white house.

Hillary has been seen adorning occult imagery and idols, such as the illuminati phoenix bird pin

Hillary Clinton is known to surround herself with occultists and weighs heavy in astrology and other occultism.

In the 1960’s Hillary Clinton’s most notable mentor was Saul Halinsky, a known crony conartist that lusted after communism and worshiped Lucifer.

Years later, After bill Clinton was out of office, they started the Clinton foundation also connected the Clinton Global Initiave which they used to harbor under guise more corruption and scandals.

It is said by sources and even again mentioned in Bill Clinton’s books that they would travel to Haiti to take part in bizarre occult rituals.

They also used their Foundation to rob the Haitian people of funds promised to help the people after a major earthquake.

There is something odd on this island, located on the southwest corner is a odd building.

If we take a closer look, it appears to be some kind of temple with a strong Egyptian style of design.

It resembles the Dome of the Rock or a Solomon’s Temple in structure. We can only imagine what is inside, but one can speculate that its probably of a similar nature to other temples described in ancient times.

Its colorations are definately Egyptian in origin. The color Red in Egyptian times means life, blood, and strength, White means purity, holiness, blue or lapsi lazuli, means air, water, or sky, and Gold is related to royalty and sun worship.

If we take a closer look, on the top roof is a golden owl statue. This owl is know as Moloch, a idol that is worshiped at Bohemian grove in California which was infiltrated by Alex Jones some years ago.

Bohemian Grove is a men’s only elitest club that preforms strange rituals such as Cremation of Care where they offer sacrifices to Moloch. Moloch can be found all around us, even on the dollar bill, and in Washington DC. Moloch has origins from Egypt, it is a symbol for the letter M.

In the Bible, Moloch was also portrayed as a bull, a golden bull and was worshiped by the Cannanites. People who worshiped these false idols were thought to be evil and corrupt.

Molock is also a popular symbol for the Free Masons and or the Illuminati.

This temple is definately creepy and bizarre and do we really want the Clinton’s back in the White House with this type of spooky weird history?


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