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Are We on the Verge of World War 3 or is Alex Jones Crazy?

With the US, Russia & various other players at work, are we actually on the edge of World War 3 kicking off?

Rumors of war are wild and wide spread across the internet and other forms of media especially AM Talk radio, but are they accurate?

With the heated US Presidential Election in progress, it feels as if the impending doom is hanging over our heads for those that are paying attention.

Talk Show Host Alex Jones, founder of Infowars is known as a “conspiracy theorist” but after 20 years, he has seldom been proven wrong on his seemingly wild theories. He claims he has “inside sources” and when he does come up wrong on something he has claimed he does own up to it to correct the record.

Months before 911, Alex Jones just starting out in his now 20 year career predicted this tragic event. He does not have a crystal ball or receive a “message” from a UFO, he simply watched the news and did his own research and found clues left by the “ellites” people in power to come to this revelation.


The Main Stream Media such as CNN, ABC, MSNBC and more have defamed Alex Jones and his followers as a band of “racist alt-right” conspiracy nuts. Nothing could be farther than the truth. As a long time listener of Alex Jones I can claim that he is not trying to start anything other than to expose the people of power and help humanity.  Many times his words are taken out of context and Alex Jones has always preached unity in the name of freedom and stands up for human rights and the US Constitution as shown in the intro of this video.

Now Alex Jones is on the radio with his daily show and on the web with his “excited persona” and host of funny voices as he mimics players that he is talking about which is clearly meant for an entertainment value to radio listeners tuning in across the nation. Recent days Alex Jones’ talk show and website has received a huge boost of listeners and web traffic as today’s events in the world have proved him correct one again.

I find it interesting and important to listen to his recent claims of WW3 knocking at our door step.

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