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Mystery Blob in Pacific Ocean Causing Strange Animals to Surface

An unusual warming mass spotted in the Pacific Ocean may be the cause of sea animals being found thousands of miles from their usual habitats.

The warm spot is now roughly 2000 kilometres wide and 100 metres deep, a mass of warm water that scientists are calling “the blob” has lingered off the coast for a year and a half and has set temperature records, with waters between 1 °C and 4 °C warmer than normal.

Fresh research published in Geophysical Research Letters has examined the causes and impacts of this area of water, which has grown more recently.

The blob has changed water-circulation patterns, affected inland weather and reshuffled ecosystems at sea. Although scientists say the planet’s warming oceans may not be responsible for the mysterious and long-lived anomaly, some see it as an early warning of changes that might be coming to the Pacific in the next few decades.

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  • see99

    Fukushima will finish the job that the Navy & Oil companies have

    I believe that the current die-offs and strange sea life behavior on the
    west coast (and other places) are a direct result of the seismic /sonar
    testing going on in the oceans right now. Among the things listed below
    the Seismic testing by the oil companies in particular can release methane gas (and God only knows what else) which
    depletes the oxygen from the ocean waters. They’re basically “fracking” the ocean floor!


    From Greenpeace: “Seismic testing is an exploration technique used by
    oil and gas companies to explore the ocean for oil and gas sediments. In
    order to measure these sediments, large ships fire high-intensity air
    guns deep into the ocean. The sound energy from these air guns is
    potentially damaging to many species of marine life, including whales,
    dolphins and seals.

    The blasts from seismic air gun can reach volumes of 260 decibels
    (anything above 180 decibels is believed to be harmful to marine
    mammals). The injuries that may be caused by sounds at this level
    include permanent hearing loss, disorientation, brain hemorrhaging and
    death.The ocean is an acoustic environment, not a visual one and marine
    mammals rely heavily on sound for their survival. Without their
    heightened sense of hearing, marine mammals cannot find food, avoid
    predators or communicate with each other.

    Because whales have a very slow reproductive process, they are
    particularly vulnerable to human threats. Continued commercial whaling,
    entanglement in fishing gear and ship collisions kill thousands of
    whales and other marine mammals each year. Seismic testing should not be
    allowed to endanger them further. ”

    The naval testing continues:
    LOS ANGELES (Oct. 18, 2012) – Marine mammals living in oceans spanning
    the globe will be at risk if the Navy is allowed to dramatically expand
    its use of low-frequency active sonar throughout the world’s oceans
    during training, testing, and routine military operations that began in
    August 2012 and are authorized to last to August 2017.
    More here: