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New Large Planet Found Raises Speculation of Planet X

A newly discovered large hidden planet raised speculation of Nibiru, the Winged Planet, or Planet X may be really exist.

V774104 is a Trans-Neptunian object, about 103 AU from the Sun and half the size of Pluto. At this distance by late 2015 it was determined to be the most distant observable TNO of the Solar System, based on discoveries up to November 2015.

Being a Trans-Neptunian object so far from the Sun with an observation arc less than 1 year, perihelion and aphelion have not been well established. It may or may not be a Sednoid.

It was discovered by a team using the Subaru Telescope, a large reflecting telescope with a meter 8 meters in diameter and located on the island of Mauna Kea.

It’s discovery was announced at Astronomy conferences near Washington, DC, and the discovery team was lead by a S. Sheppard and C. Trujillo. A this time the Voyager 1 probes were more distant than V774104.

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