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“Spirit Cooking” Satanic Rituals Referenced in Newest Podesta Emails from Wikileaks

When I started reading the tweets on Twitter about “Spirit Cooking” and how the Hillary Clinton Staff is involved in possible Satanic Rituals, I dismissed it as “rumors” or disinfo, but upon my research I believe we have hit an amazing scary revelation deep inside the Clinton Circle.

“Spirit Cooking” is a book by Marina Abramovic written in 1996. It is listed as fiction, but the book features “recipes” in satanic nature. Other books in the past have been written about the occult under the guise of  “fiction” such as “Trancendental Magic by Eilphas Levi written 1810-1875. Inside these “fiction” books is a wealth of detailed information into the occult studies and philosophy. “Spirit Cooking” is just a modern day example that this philosophy still really exists among well known figures and is not exclusive to unruly teenagers getting a hold of a “Satanic Bible” written in the 60’s.

The latest Wikileaks Podesta Leaked Emails most recent edition #28, has revealed to us that John Podesta, a well known figure involved with the Clintons knows and has some type of relationship with Marina Abramovic. An email reveals that she is coming to “Dinner” and Podesta is inviting friends to join along and they will be preforming “Spirit Cooking” together.

Sleuths online have figured out this satanic connection and it started spreading like wild fire through social media.


A video on Youtube from 1996 shows Marina Abramovic preforming “Spirit Cooking” shows Marina mixing “human body fluids” and painting a series of passages on the walls of a room, then poors the rest of the mixture on idols in the corners of the room as they absorb the “energies”.



Some on the Aristocratic Progressive Left argue that this is merely an expression of art, but it is in its context of how “Spirit Cooking” is used that suggests its much more than a living art exhibition. Yet it is talked about having a “Spirit Cooking” Dinner in Podestas Emails.

In the 1990’s rumors of First Lady Hillary Clinton holding Satanic Seances in the White House gained attention through conspiracy theorists on AM radio and was published in tabloid publications and books.



Now it must be noted that Marina Abramovic does preform this ritual as an expression of “art” at various galleries and events open to the public, but it is in which this was set up as a private exhibition exclusively for the Clinton’s and staff that raises questions to why would they be willing and have an interest in this demonic presentation.

It is also interesting to note that strange cryptic messages have been found by sleuths online like a strange photo of Podesta with 14 and a fish drawn on his hand. This photo is used often and seemingly out of any context.


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