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Cell Phone Video Just Moments Before Germanwings Crash in French Alps

Cell phone video found at the Germanwings Flight 9525 crash site reveals the sounds of passengers screaming in the moments before the March 24 crash, the French magazine Paris Match and the German tabloid newspaper Bild reported, citing a source close to the investigation, says CNN.

Both publications have issued descriptions of the video but have not published the video.

“The scene was so chaotic that it was hard to identify people, but the sounds of the screaming passengers made it perfectly clear that they were aware of what was about to happen to them,” Paris Match reported. ”

One can hear cries of ‘My God’ in several languages.”

Metallic banging can also be heard more than three times, perhaps of the pilot trying to open the cockpit door with a heavy object.  Towards the end, after a heavy shake, stronger than the others, the screaming intensifies.  Then nothing, reports Paris Match.

When and if the video is released, we will post it here.

Updates Will Follow

UPDATE: 11:44PM PST-A memory card of a passengers cell phone was recovered from the crash containing the video. The video is 14 seconds long.

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