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Should Andreas Lubitz’ Religion Be Called into Question?

Many people from around the world are asking if the Copilot aboard the recent Germanwings plane crash in France, Andreas Lubitz, if his religion should be called into question.

German and French Authorities working on this tragic case say his religion does not not matter in the apparent suicide/murder of 150 people aboard the plane.

When a reporter asked French Prosecutor Brice Robin of Marseille, during a news conference Thursday, whether he knew Lubitz’s religion, Robin said he did not know and added, “I don’t think that’s where the answer to this lies.”

The question suggested that Lubitz’s religious background was relevant to the investigation behind the pilot’s alleged deliberate downing of Germanwings Flight 9525 on Tuesday. Robin said the crash did not show any signs of terrorism. Some were appalled by the reporter’s inquiry.

“This line of questioning makes no sense to me whatsoever,” said Elizabeth Shakman Hurd, an associate professor of political science with a courtesy appointment in religious studies at Northwestern University in Illinois. “I find it disturbing and depressing that at a time like this some people feel compelled to search desperately for explanations that presume religious causation.”

Religion has come into question in past plane incidents. In 1999, the pilot of a Boeing 767 intentionally plunged the fully loaded plane into the Atlantic Ocean 30 minutes after takeoff from New York City on a nonstop flight to Cairo. An investigation found the pilot, Gamal al-Batouti, had said several times in Arabic, “I rely on God,” as the plane’s autopilot function was disconnected and Egypt Air 999 plunged. The phrase is often associated with the moments before death.

My Thoughts

I thinks its completely relevant in this day in age to ask about his social activities religious or not. We need to look at his religion, political groups, and social groups as there may be something there to trigger this.

What if he attended a conservative mosque, or was in a group like Jehovah’s Witness and was recently shunned, or a confused Scientologist,  or a Christian who thought Armageddon  has started, or a depressed atheist?

All aspects of his life need to analyzed properly and should not be held to any politically correct narrative. 


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  • Nathan

    Have we become so “Politically Correct” that it is impermissible to even inquire about a suspect’s religion in an effort to determine his motivations in causing the horrific crime? Have the inmates taken over the insane asylum? Its a disgraceful disservice to the families, friends, and associates of the tragic victims.

    • ricksanchez1

      Given that it’s “open season” on Mulsims right now in the media, with every outlet just waiting to yell “terrorist!!!”, it’s safe to assume Lubitz was not Muslim. If it turns out he was Jewish, it also somewhat explains why the media narrative is “a troubled, depressed, and sick person…”

  • Plantagenet Robinson

    I agree. But this is all about Germany, and Lubitz is a Jewish name. That is probably why nobody wants to enquire into it. If he was actively Jewish, this doesn’t seem to be at all relevant in fact, but it would rule out other possibilities.

    • proxyponder

      Lubitz is also a Polish/Czech name. A lot of Jews were spread out all over Europe for a long time and picked up these names over time. He might be Jewish, he might be a Polski.

      • Plantagenet Robinson

        Thanks for that. “Andreas” is used in Poland too (as well as elsewhere). But if he is of Polish origin, he may well simply be a Roman Catholic, maybe lapsed, and there is no reason why we should not know that to eliminate speculation about other more dramatic possibilities.

        • proxyponder

          I agree 100%, especially in this case, we do need to know. A Catholic person could snap and decide to end it all because he believed we were in end times. It can go either way.

          • Plantagenet Robinson

            I don’t think Roman Catholics in Europe believe in “end times” any more than anybody else does. This is an American thing. The “rapture” and all that, never even heard of it !

          • proxyponder

            I understand, I’m just trying to make a point, maybe he was ‘radicalized’ online with dooms day propaganda. Who knows, and that’s why its important.

          • Plantagenet Robinson

            Yes, it is important to know what happened, and to stop similar happenings from that source in future as far as possible. I think all sane human beings must agree on that.

  • ricksanchez1

    Is the murderer’s religion relevant in the days and times when Fox News tells us daily that Sharia law is coming, Muslims will take over, you can’t trust “them” because they don’t think like “us”? Yes, the co-pilots religion would be very relevant.

    • Plantagenet Robinson

      Not because of your Fox news, though, which reported that Birmingham was a Muslim city where white people were not allowed to go.

  • Greg

    first thing that comes to mind hearing the name is Jason Chase Lubitz, a Palestine Advocacy Project board member, anti-Israeli campaigner, that came into news earlier this month. Religion probably has nothing to do with anything here… but to a lot of people, religion is everything. world peace & tolerance is beauty.