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4th of July Terror Threat During Ramadan

The media is repeating over and over again about a terrorist threat on or around the 4th of July for the United States and the western world.

Although MSM is saying there is no specific terror threat target, the caution is raised by the increase in chatter among social media websites.

In Islam, a very special time for them is Ramadan, a time to celebrate and to express Jihad. Ramadan in 2015 started on June 24 this year.

Security around the US and Europe has tightened in anticipation of a possible attack. Many are focusing on the threat of a nuclear dirty bomb as small as a backpack could be detonated at many of the 4th of July celebrations across the country.

Hamas-Affiliated Website: Attacks On Ramadan Have A Unique Flavor And Character

The website, which is associated with Hamas, published an article titled “Resistance During Ramadan – A New Beginning And A Different Flavor”, which stated: “During Ramadan, the Palestinians welcome resistance to the occupation and carry it out with a different flavor that reflects courage, investment [of efforts], and a natural willingness for sacrifice during this most important month for all Muslims. Ever since the first intifada, martyrdom operations, stabbing and shooting attacks have had a special character during the month of Ramadan…

“During the recent Gaza war, the resistance wrote an important chapter in the history of the conflict by showing courage and creativity, so that Ramadan remained the month of encouraging the Palestinians to pry their rights from the occupation. At the start of the current Ramadan there was the Dolev settlement operation, in which one settler was killed and another injured. Two days later, a youth stabbed a border patrol soldier in occupied Jerusalem, which harkened back to the resistance’s sacrifice operations during Ramadan, which have a unique character.”

The article quoted released prisoner Muhammad Al-Qaram, who was involved in a 2001 bus bombing in Haifa in which 15 people were killed and dozens wounded. Al-Qaram said: “When I offered delicious food to the martyr Maher Habesha, who carried out the attack on the Haifa bus in 2001, in which dozens were killed and wounded, he refused, and said that he would only break his fast in paradise. My task was to plan the operation, prepare [Habesha], and drive him [to the site of the attack] on the 17th day of Ramadan.” Al-Qaram mentioned the Ramadan atmosphere, which was reflected in the courage of the resistance commanders he accompanied, especially before carrying out suicide operations and bombings. “During Ramadan,” he added, “there is a special air of willingness to invest effort and sacrifice in every way, based on religious and emotional influences [that affect] the Muslims and the possessors of just rights and prompt them to risk their lives.”


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