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Baby Gaga Breast Milk Ice Cream Hits the UK

Baby Gaga, named after the American pop singer Lady Gaga, is an ice cream which is made from human breast milk, vanilla and lemon zest.

The ice cream was invented by Matt O’Connor, who claims it is a healthy alternative to other ice creams in the bar.

The ice cream is sold in The Icecreamists, in Covent Garden, London. The breast milk donors have been medically screened and the milk pasturised.

The ice cream went on sale on 25 February 2011. Within a week of going on sale, the ice cream was seized by officers of Westminster Council to test whether it was suitable for human consumption.

Lady Gaga has threatened to sue the ice cream seller, but the bar has refused to change the name.

O’Connor said, “Of course there are those who think it is obnoxious, but the ice cream is made with natural breast milk, organic and free range.”

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