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Trump and President Nieto Agree On Securing Mexico and US Border

"We need to mutually build a secure wall to secure both nations"

A sudden surprise meeting between Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump and President Nieto of Mexico today, after meeting several hours before hand made an unprecedented speech together and taking questions from the media.

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were invited to the President’s Palace in Mexico today for a meet and greet talks about NAFTA and immigration and securing our borders. Only Donald J. Trump was quick to respond and to accept and arrived this morning in Mexico City.

President Nieto of Mexico said that he was gracious that Trump accepted his offer and showed, they agreed on many key issues of border security and how trade can benefit both nations. Prez.  Nieto  did say there were some things that him and Mr. Trump did not agree upon but felt that they can definately work on any other issues with hopes of resolving them.

Donald Trump said that he has the up most respect for President Nieto, Mexico and the Mexican people and felt it was an honor to accept his invitation to discuss and bring to the table pressing issues that have in the past been ignored.

Donald Trump did not wavier from his past statements of a strong immigration policy, correcting an outdated NAFTA agreement citing unfair trade, building a wall on the US/Mexico border upgrading infrastructure, strengthening communication between Mexico and the US and to keep America and Mexico safe. Though he did not say that Mexico would pay for the wall, but a reporter did ask at the press conference and Trump’s reply was that this was a great starting point and many other meetings would take place on the issue if he does indeed become the next President of the United States in 2017.

Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton did not attend this summit that she was also invited to, as some view as a “snub” to Mexico but instead stayed behind only to criticize Trump’s visit and belittle Prez. Nieto’s invitation as a political stunt, and claim that “A few hours does not make up for a year of insults” on behalf of Trump. She also said that “Flying out to Mexico for a few hours and then back to the US is not how it works.” Apparently President Nieto seems to think this meeting was a great start on fixing pressing issues that concern both nations.

It seems as if this meeting did fair well, and strengthens Trump’s position as “Ready for the Job”, as Trump’s numbers continue to rise, shrinking the lead Clinton previously had after her convention bump. Recent Fox News Poll has Trump and Clinton within the margin or error, a quickly tightening race.  This spearheads with a new poll slotting Clinton’s unfavorable rating at an all time new low.

Tonight Donald Trump will have a speech about Foreign Policy and Immigration to define his positions on the top issues that face this country.


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